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Monday, August 06, 2007

Life's movement

It has been a while that I did not login to the blogspot. Time really flies, the last trekking I think is about a year back. I think my legs is starting to get itchy for trekking. How I wish to have gone to Gunung Ledang, but it has to be called off due to the safety issue.

Now my life is busy with my little baby (Arielle). She is now 8 month’s old and getting very curious day by day. My wife and I are really blessed with this gift from God. Arielle, daddy is waiting for you to go jungle trekking. We started to bring Arielle for a swim. She really loves water now. Her legs and hands are moving none stop. She also loves trying to climb up when we are carrying her. My wife (ShangLi) said maybe when she was pregnant, she went for jungle trekking, that’s why now she also likes to start climbing.

Here are some photos of Arielle

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gunung Ledang

I suppose to be at Gunung Ledang now. Our trip was canceled due to the closure of the mountain. I am very excited to conquer this mountain long time ago. Now is the wrong timing.

The mountain was close down due to 2 casualties happend in May. 2 trekkers died in the less than 10 days. 1 of them died while sleeping, a tree fall down on him at night. The other person died when half way trekking in the heavy rain and thunder storm.

It's been long time that I am not able to go for trekking. I think ever since my new baby girl arrive last year Nov 2006.

Now I am all ready for any challenges to come for trekking.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gunung Datuk - Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

It's a great day for Trekking again. Look like some of the trekkers are addicted. Some of the feel thier legs itchy, so here we are set for the Gunung Datuk - Rembau.

Here are all the details

Meet up time : 8.00am
Meet up location : Sri Petaling "Chung Yau Restaurant" Beside tyre's shop
Date : 29 April 2006 (Saturday) Departure time : 8.30 am
DESTINATION : Gunung Datuk Rembau, Rembau, Negeri Seremban Height : 884 metres Duration to reach peak : 3 hours (estimated)
Total Trekking hours up and down : 5 hours
Difficulties Level : 2.2 ( 5= Difficult, 1= Easy)
Age GROUP : 15 - 70 (friends are welcome)
Fees : The only fees we are aware of are:
Trekking Permit RM1.00 per person
Here are some tips to avoid getting lost in jungle ==================================================
1. Some organization they would like to avoid their member to get lost, they will do cut the newspaper into small pieces and put it at the junction to indicate the direction.
2. Some mountain hiker use ribbon to tie on the tree to indicate the direction.
3. Some mountain hiker use painted oil (normally red paint) to paint on the tree to show the direction.
4. If you don't have any thing like newspaper, ribbon or painted oil. Normally we will break the small tree collect from the floor to indicate which direction you have to go.

Item to bring
1. 2 bottles of Drinking water (drink your self) - 100+ will be good
2. Lunch pack - (eat your self)
3. Some junk food or biscuits (only if you want to eat extra)
4. Extra T-Shirt to change after trekking
1. Sport shoes or trekking shoes
2. Sandals (Banned from the List – only can wear after you finish
3. Trek pants (short pant- not advisable)
4. T-shirt (Can bring 1 extra to change when come down

Here you goes for all the photos taken ( of course there are more than you can view from here)

It's our first time to come to Gunung Datuk. It's not a near as we expected. We managed to find the place after been lost for about half an hour. Finally after those few wrong turns and directions, we manage to reach the ACTUAL Gunung Datuk.

There are tolal of 11 persons in our group (some have aeroplane us-actual group is about 20). Yet we still go on with the trekking.

Is the the starting trek, going down the stairways.

The trail up getting more interesting, from what I found out from anotehr group, they said the trail will be up all the way to the peak. It's really a nice trail. But supprisingly, there is a couple who went up and the girlfriend is wearing "Vxxci" sandal. It's really cool man, you can wear something so feminine in the jungle.

We are reaching the peak after 2 hours trek. This is the last part of the mountain where you can see a rocky place. I strongly do not advise anyone that have no confident to come up to this area. It can be a dangerous place to hang out. If you fall down, there you go. I guess cannot find you anymore.

We are very proud for been a Malaysian. The flag is there for us (ready all the TIME). I was so amazed with the beautiful scenary at the peak. You will just feel like yourself at MOUNT KK.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Gunung Angsi - Kuala Pilah

It was a rainy morning but we were all ready for jungle trekking. Our group has shrunk from about 20 to 11 people only. As usual there were some last minute cancellation. Anyhow we were ready to go..... it felt like a great day for jungle trekking. We met at Sri Petaling at about 8.30 a.m., had breakfast and started our journey at about 9.30 a.m. We arrived at the starting point (which is about 20 km from Kuala Pilah town) at about 10.40 a.m.

This is a famous place for beginners to jump start their interest in jungle trekking. It takes about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. Any one from age group 6 to 70 can try it.

The trail is located accross the road where we parked our cars. From far, it's just a small steep path up the mountain only. Do not look down on any nature challenge.

This is the starting part of the trail going up from the main road. It was a bit muddy, but was really fun.

All trekkers are seen here warming up now, to prepare for another few slopes up the mountain. Never give up at the beginning, because the beginning always seems to be very tough. The journey will become easier as you continue your journey up to the summit.

Wow !!! Nice track. It has a ready path up the to the peak, so do not worry, you will not get lost in the jungle (Unless you are wandering around and go on your own way)

Enjoy the photos, we are all ready for another jungle trekking activity soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Nature's Creatures Collection

Photos collections of insects, birds, animals and many more

Picture of 3 small baby birds. The eggs was just hatched for 3 days.

Photo taken outside my house.

Photo taken at Mulu Deer Cave "Bats Troops"

From this picture, the amazing thing is that all the bats that come out from the caves will fly in the loops. All the bats will fly off to find food at night and will return in the morning. Some of the unlucky bats will be attacked by eagles.

Don't worry, these are not vampire, they are out for foods like fruits and insects.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2006 - Sg Chilling Outing

Wow!!! 2006 - Year of Adventure

Sg Chilling outing was organised by Otto, with me was a group of 12 people. It was really a nice simple outing that we had. I can say that the trail was not a tough one but it's really fun as we need to cross 4 river streams to reach the beautiful waterfalls.

This is a leisure place where you can really enjoy and relax with the beautiful nature surrounding you.